So as I continue to figure out what the best trail foods and camp foods are, I have begun making my own Larabars and…. granola! I’ve had so many people swear by recipes that have then failed me or have contained so many ingredients I don’t like, it was not worth the effort. But then I found this amazing base recipe that is helping me a ton!

(I did not come up with this recipe or graphic, it is all from here: enjoy!)


I love this because you can use whatever you like and it works. Boom. I used oats, pecans, pumpkin pie spice mix, honey, salt, vanilla, and cranberries. Delicious.


You are looking at the world’s oldest box of pumpkin pie spice, so I ended up using way more than recommended because the spices had lost some of their pizzazz. Have no fear, it all worked out in the end. If granola does not smell like cinnamon when it’s baking, don’t waste my time.

My kids were OBSESSED with watching it in the oven (plus it was the perfect thing for them to “help” me make, all you do is stir pretty much) and my oldest, who has a super sensitive nose, proclaimed it to smell “exquisite”. Yes, she’s 5 and she says things like “exquisite”. She’s cool and we all know it.

Now, I did not add the dried fruit later like she recommends above. I put everything in a bowl and stirred. It’s delicious. I wouldn’t worry too much about this, it is not fussy.

Now it is sitting in a container on my counter where I grab spoonfuls throughout the day and my children beg for a taste or a bowl full. Did I mention it was delicious?

Excuse my reflection, my only regret is that you cannot see my already forming Chaco tan or the fact that I actually painted my toenails this week. It’s a red-letter day.


What do you like in your granola? Let me know!

See you Outside!

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