Healthy Transitions

So recently I have been thinking about how I can make some healthier transitions in my life. I mean eating healthy or whatever has become incredibly subjective and I am very poorly doing my best, but I have been trying to find other ways I can make changes. I started buying free range eggs (someone help me convince the husband that I need chickens), hormone free meat, and two weeks ago I bought…healthy deodorant!


It smells delightfully of Vanilla and Lemon, a combination I was not sure I would like, but has proved to be really lovely. I will say that the smell is not that pervasive which you could love or you could hate. I was hoping it would be a little more intense actually, but if you wear perfume or something, this would not be strong enough to overpower it.

It is not the most intense part of the summer yet, so I will be excited to see how it handles the Houston heat. So far, 80-90 degree heat and some humidity, and it is holding up really well! My two older kids actually told me I smelled nice the other day when we were at the park. I’m a little nervous that I may have smelled less amazing before this moment, but since you can’t make a case from silence…we will just assume that I smelled like magic rainbows and that they just enjoy the change in scent. That’s what I’m going to assume. Magic. Rainbows.

So, if you are looking for some small victories in the health department, this is a great investment! Next stop, reusable bags. I have reusable grocery bags, I just bought some reusable cotton rounds instead of using disposable cotton rounds, and am hoping to buy reusable bags for produce as my next stop.

I’ll let you know when the cotton rounds come in and I will let you know how it goes!

Until then…

See You Outside!

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