Getting Out

So after a week and change of Christmas and having a blast with my families, I need to get out of the house. We had seen movies and my sister had saved me one day by agreeing to walk with me, but for the most part, we’ve been indoors. Then all the rain this week. Goodness.

I have discovered over the years that I cannot function if I don’t get outside enough. We had plans to go camping and I was sick, but I am well now and I needed to be free. Outside. Alone.

I took my Canon with me because I am working on learning to use it without any presets – Manual here I come – so I wanted to play with it. We are so blessed that behind our neighborhood there is a series of paths around the bayou. There are benches, trees, and tons of birds, ducks, etc that hang out back there. So even though I could not go very far, I can head to those paths and pretend I am not in the city just for a little bit.

Here’s what I saw:





I will admit that I did not get nearly enough good pictures of all the birds. When I would get close, they would fly away and my white balance was off in a lot of them. But it was so peaceful. It smelled like trees and grass and water. Just like everything should.

Here are my absolute favorites, a couple of which are in my own front yard.






I am currently stuck inside, but at least I can look at these lovely pictures and I am contemplating going to get the hammock. I’m also petitioning my HOA to let me plant raised beds on the sides of my house so that I can plant food. My backyard is so shaded that most things won’t grow and when I tried potatoes something in the ground ate them all! But the sides of my house get tons of great sunshine. I need to get my hands in the dirt and grow something for my family. The old house gave that to me and I miss it in the new place.

I also feel like this will help with me trying to lower our budget and our footprint.

Today was also “no car day”. I have to pick up my oldest by car because, despite my requests, they won’t let me pick her up on foot or bike. Anyway, we walked her to school and I told the others that if we had to do anything else today, we would walk or bike. Today, we are not using the car. Low footprint.

For now, I’m working, I’m watching Gilmore Girls, I’m eating a Mallomar (because if you already feel nauseated, why not eat something that is normally contraband for your protocol), I’m wishing I were hiking, and I’m looking at these beautiful photos.

Scratch that. I’m going to get my hammock.

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