During quarantine and this odd portion of Covid limbo, I have turned primarily to the outdoors and running as my refuge. Unfortunately, a few months ago I went in for a routine Dermatologist visit only to find out that I had a suspicious spot. This was later revealed to be the dreaded Melanoma.

Shortly after that, I had surgery on my upper thigh to remove the Melanoma and was able to get clear margins. What should have felt like a victory was severely dampened by the fact that the healing portion was far from over.

And this healing journey has been deeply painful…literally.

The hardest part however has been this – I have been unable to run. In the beginning, I could not even walk very far at a time. I continued to walk as much as I was able but running was off limits, doctor’s orders.

Even though I have now been cleared to run, it has been a much harder process than I expected. The pain is definitely real.

But more than coming here to complain, what I really wanted to say is this: We will get through this. We can do hard things.

I will keep running as far as I can and walking the rest. I will keep choosing my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health even though I want to sit down and eat cake while crying during a Gilmore Girls episode.

Our bodies were made to move. My soul was made for the outdoors.

This process will be worth it in the end.

I’m not sure if you needed to hear that or know it. But hear this

You Are Strong.

Much stronger than you ever knew or thought.

You Are Capable.

You can do these hard things and trust in your body.

You Are Not Alone.

See you Outside.

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