Huntsville state park & a new tent

When we first got married, my husband and I were so blessed to get a gift card to Target and were able to buy a tent. I had very little camping experience and we did not have a lot of money so we bought the 4-person Coleman tent in red.

It was not a fancy tent but it has served us well for 11 years! We have camped primitively and taken it to Disney World. It has truly done it all. But, alas, the ole’ tent is getting, well, old. And it is starting to let in water/bugs in a way that meant we needed to start looking for something new.

While we put a lot of thought and research into the backpacking tent we took to Yosemite in December 2019, we had done absolutely zero research when we bought our Coleman tent. Now we needed something family friendly and had to start from scratch. After reading lots of reviews and trying to find something family friendly, here is our new, beautiful tent:

I may or may not be intense about the fact that this is green because I have new feelings about visual pollution when it comes to the color of camping supplies.

This Marmot Limestone 4 person, 3 season tent is a really great addition to our camping collection and got to go out for its maiden voyage (outside of us setting it up in our living room) to Huntsville State Park!

This tent has already proved itself to be a favorite since it is easy to put up, has tons of pockets, and breathes well! There are, however, a few cons. One of the doors is not see through mesh so if your littles want to be able to see outside from that door, too bad. My kiddos kept opening that one up and exposing themselves to bugs because they wanted to be able to see out. This mesh also does not breathe quite as well as the tradition mesh. With the rain fly, the breathability is almost zero. This was a struggle for us during a summer rain storm because we had to close up the rain fly but were quite hot. Otherwise, it’s amazing.

Huntsville State Park also happens to be a favorite of ours. This time not only did we family camp, we got to try out a canoe rental. Our little people could not have been more excited!

We even made a new friend…

I’d like to say that my people loved getting to meet this guy but the truth is he ended up causing some anxiety. I guess this means Brazos Bend is not on the calendar for a while. It is famous for its alligators.

The good news is that this was our only alligator buddy and were primarily visited by rabbits and other wildlife. This park is very hiking friendly even for the shortest legs so we got to see lots of beauty.

The most interesting part about camping during the past year has been one thing in particular – crowds. Because people are so tired of wearing masks and staying home, people are flocking to the outdoors.

I love that more people are discovering camping and our state parks but it has also made the camping experience very different. Where it used to be easy to go lose yourself on a trail or camp in serene quiet, you are now surrounded by music, people, and more. There are definitely pros and cons to this change but I suggest setting your expectations before arriving.

If you are looking to feel off the grid, local parks may not be your scene right now. Or you may have to work a little harder to get that serenity you are looking for. Either way, I’m glad we went!

See You Outside!

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